Our Mission

Fr. Tezza Special School aims at creating a friendly environment most suitable for the nurturing and development of differently abled children in a way that addresses their special educational needs while supporting them to the best of our abilities. Our efforts are aimed at the improvement of their physical and mental health, communication, social interaction and cognitive skills, which in turn serves to help these children achieve a higher sense of self-sufficiency and success in school.

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120+ students
27 staff members
Curricular and
co-curricular activities
Speech therapy
and other necessary training

How you can help

As we run a residential school and aim at catering the needs of the children, we have a lot of in-house resources for their academic and co-curricular requirements. Since we house over a 100 students at present, it is vital for us to maintain the standards of the services we provide. If you would like to support our work and put a smile on a few faces by making a difference, you can do so by making a humble donation in the name of our foundation.