About Us

Fr.Tezza Special School, situated in Kuzhinilam, Mananthavady Grama Panchayath, Wayanad District, Kerala, was established in 1982 to rehabilitate the differently abled. Our mission is mainly focused on developing the comprehension, competency and creativity of these children. Our education system is tailored to suit each of the children’s unique needs, understanding that each individual has their own learning journey to make.

Both curricular and co-curricular activities are included in the institute’s educational program. Some of the skilled incorporated in the curricular activities fall into the self-help, cognitive, domestic, vocational and academic category.
On assessment of the progress made by students in various skills, individual educational programs will be tailor-made to suit the needs of each and every single student. Extracurricular activities like dance, music, band set, chanda malam, etc. are given high importance based on a child’s affinity for the same. Children’s participation in various sports activities like running, jumping, shot-put, volley ball, and slow cycle-race are also encouraged. Children are also encouraged to take part in Yoga classes and other physical exercise classes.

Speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and other necessary treatments are provided to the children who need the same, owing to which, many improvements have been observed. Vocational training in medicine is given to students above 18 years of age. Covers, envelopes, flowers, greeting cards and other decorative items made of bamboo, etc. made by the students are sold so as to serve as a small source of income for maintenance.

At present, we have 126 students enrolled in our institute. Our work force consists of 11 full time teaching staff, 13 non-teaching staff and 3 part-time staff.

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